• New York is sad before it is BUSY…it is a kind of INVERTED GARDEN, with all the flowers blooming down in the BASEMENTS."    –Adam Gopnik

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01 March 2010


Ronan Guilfoyle

Make the most of it - it's such a luxury to be able to do that, most of us can't, but maybe we can a bit of a vicarious hit off you at least!

Eric Benson

I'd love if IG could do that, even if only a bit. Thanks for the comment. I've added Mostly Music to The Conversation.

Ronan Guilfoyle

Thanks Eric - I've been enjoying your blog since I've discovered it

ben sisto

Glad you're happy with some of our programming! Josh is doing a rad job with the series; please tell others! - Ben (booking guy at Coco)

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