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27 October 2011



Loving this back and forth, guys! The split between jazz and classical music's impact on the mainstream can be measured by those videos. From what I can see, Glasper and Mos Def have a far more collaborative relationship that Nico and Grizzly bear; it's actually Glasper's project, no? While Nico just seems to be off in a corner playing a part; he seems to have very little collaborative input into the performance (at least in a live context, maybe this was different in the studio, I don't know).

My lifelong preference for making jazz and improvised music comes from the desire to take something and make it my own, and then create a context for music and social interaction with a community of musicians, and then share that interaction with others. In my experience, and especially when playing music that I consider improvised music, the laymen audience responds to the interaction and immediacy of the performance. Do the conventions of jazz as a genre alienate listeners? I certainly think so.

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